Marste FAQ

Pricing & Payments

Are customs and duty fees included in your pricing?

Customs fees are not included in our prices (product cost or shipping/handling fees).


Marste is not responsible for customs requirements or charges added by your country. Most countries charge taxes for purchases outside of the country that exceed a certain amount (usually over $25), these are called “duty fees.” The UK charges duty fees on almost every package. You may wish to contact your local customs department before ordering to further clarify the customs requirements, VAT/Duty fees, and if there are additional handling fees.


Marste  will not alter any customs forms or mark the package as a gift due to federal and international laws.


We cannot waive or refund these fees, as they are dependent upon your local regulation and are taxed on a national level.


Packages refused at delivery because the customer does not pay VAT/Duty are not eligible for a full refund (shipping fees are not refunded).

Do you have Gift Cards?

We do not currently have a way of providing gift cards, but we are planning on adding that in the future!


We accept Prepaid Gift Cards from credit card companies. The card can be used on orders that total no more than the amount on the card. For example, if you try to use a $50 Visa gift card for an order that totals $50.01, Visa will decline it. We do not have a way at this time to process two different methods of payment in one transaction.

Changes or Issues

How can I add something to my order?

Please contact customer service first to make sure your order hasn’t shipped yet. Then you will be asked to place a new order for the items you want us to add, and send us the order number. We'll try to combine both orders for shipping and if successful, we'll refund you the extra shipping amount.

How can I edit my order to remove something?

Unfortunately, our system is not set up to edit an order once the order has been placed. Please contact customer service as soon as possible, if your order has not already been processed they may be able to make the requested changes to your order.

Shipping & Delivery

Are tracking numbers available on shipments?

Domestic Standard Shipping - Your order will have limited tracking information available as it is being shipped via UPS Mail Innovations. This shipping method works with your local post office to offer an expedited shipping option. Please remember there will be a delay in the updates on your package once it is transferred from UPS to your local post office.


International Standard Shipping- Door to door tracking is not available for standard international orders. In most cases we will not have updated tracking information after the package has left the United States. You may wish to check with your local post office for additional updates after your package has left the US.


FedEx / UPS Shipping - Tracking numbers are available on all Express deliveries (Ground, 2Day, Express Saver, International Economy, or International Priority)

Do you ship to my country? (not sure if there are any import restrictions for clothing)

We ship almost everywhere, but there are a few countries that we have had issues with.  We are no longer able to ship to Turkey, Mexico, and Indonesia due to local regulations.


You may consider using a private courier or forwarding service like, and, who offer convenient International Shipping. They can provide you with a US street address, receive packages on your behalf, and then ship your order overseas. Some of these companies also help prepare customs paperwork for your shipments.  
Marste responsibility will only be engaged until the package reaches your US mailbox. We are not liable for damaged or missing items once the package has been delivered to the courier service.