The Story of Marsté

Our CEO and Founder, Marlena Stell, started creating Marsté Fashion in 2016. She was inspired to create high-quality, accessible clothing with everyone in mind. Empowering women with knowledge, advice, and confidence is her mantra. Marsté was created as all women deserve to feel great in their clothes. We strive to create an uplifting and positive experience as fashion should always be fun!

Building The Brand
Meet Our CEO

Marlena Stell, began her career in the beauty industry at the age of 28. Before entering the industry, she was a teacher who immensely loved makeup. She began to show her highly advanced makeup skills on her YouTube channel, Makeup Geek. Her videos were so well received that she became a worldwide influencer with millions of followers. Marlena took her passion to the next level by quitting her day job and dedicating her time to female entrepreneurship. Her first business venture in creating her own beauty brand, Makeup Geek, has been extraordinarily successful. Marlena has developed a love for fashion and recognizes a serious need in the marketplace for a high quality online fashion brand that speaks to women of all sizes, ethnicities, ages and Status. Like beauty, fashion delves much deeper than just the garment. Fashion is defined by the style of the individual wearing the garments. It’s literally their expression of themselves and she aims to deliver a brand that will enable each woman to express themselves in the most positive light – Always.

The Marsté Brand

Marsté offers fashion forward, high-quality, everyday casual clothing that fits all body types comfortably. We designed our fabrics to feel amazing on your skin. We hope you find inspiration in our signature colors to express yourself in your own individual style. Educational content and advice has been created to help you make your own styling decisions. Our Goal is to make you feel comfortable confident, and empowered.